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Thick Bikes is a bike shop. We sell bikes. We repair bikes. We're all about bikes.

We have bike things for bike people. We do bike stuff pretty much exclusively on bikes. How long do I have to keep killing it in the copy writing game before I get my own soundbite like Metro Boomin'...?

Hours (spring)

You are now released, like a child, into the world free from the grips of Winter. Free to see Pittsburgh for all of its soon to be green glory. We welcome you Spring. Praise.

Phone / Email

...Or you could just like... Walk into our store. I mean... Look, I get it. I'm old fashioned. The thing is, we're going to be here anyway. So it's not a bother if you stop by. We got this building and everything. I'm just sayin'. We even have free parking that I've been beaten into repeating multiple times. (Actually... I'm chained up here in the basement and I only get one meal every website update. Please send help. They said if I don't come up with something funny they're going to make me ride unicycles with the rest of the unicycle people. I fear for the worst.)

(412) 390 - 3590


Or you can just click below and use the ol' google thing-a-ma-jag' like every other cyborg / human.


We carry a wide range of companies and we're currently finalizing the list in a sortable format. Until then, let's just say that we carry all the cool stuff at a good price.

We also fix up and sell used bikes. Visit our Facebook Page to see our current listing of used bikes.