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Thick Wrap DH No-Cross-Bars

Downhill / Freeride or a Cruiser

Gloss Black Thick Wrap DH No-Cross-Bars I made a pair of these for a customer and I really like the way they look so I am offering them as a design option. The No-Cross-Bars are not as stiff as the Original Wrap DH Bars but that can be a good thing and they are plenty strong. The name "Wrap" comes from the reinforcing gusset that wraps around the handle tubes. This construction technique is similar to the way that a pair of Profile cranks wrap around the threaded and splined bosses at each end.
the wrap
Detail showing tube cap and piercing clamp tube
the cap
Detail of the "Wrap" reinforcing gusset
Wrap No-Cross-Bars Side Detail
These bars have 3.5" rise but you can get whatever size you want - they're custom. Choose your own options to spec how you would like yours.

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