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Red wall tires against a red wall
I am sure you are tired of me ranting about how I dislike flimsy MTB components so I'll keep this short. This is a BMX sprocket on BMX cranks which have an American sized bottom bracket assembly. It is stronger than any mountain bike cranks and sprocket. It does not need a guide to keep the chain on because the chain is always tight. It has one bolt holding it on to the crank arm. Simplicity is wonderful. The cranks are Profiles (of course) and really old, at least several years old but they still work fine so I'm using them. The sprocket is a Kink Light. I highly recommend both items. The pedals are not visible in this pic but they are vintage Shimano DX pedals that are around twenty years old. You can't buy them any more but if you could I would recommend them too.
whole bike view Headtube welded seat guts Bus Bars
eight inch rotor and mechanical disk brake Uses a BMX style Sprocket Mono-Tube to Chainstay Mono-Stay Seatstays

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