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Disk Brake

Red wall tires against a red wall I confess that the disk brake idea was a bit of an afterthought. I rode this frame for a while with no brakes and no brake mount and then decided that I should make some provision for a brake before I had it powdercoated so I adapted this laser cut disk mount to fit on there as best I could. It works well but requires a 8" rotor with a 7" adapter which is fine with me. Basically the dropout design got in the way of where the disk mount should be so it had to be raised up a bit. Since then I have made custom dropout for other frames which have integrated disk mounts that are in the correct location. (Here is an example.) As one who has recently regressed to riding without any brakes I can say that I am no disk brake expert but I do like the non-hydraulic and easy to adjust aspect of these Avids. They stop incredibly well too.

The dropout design is about as small as I could make it and still have enough slot to run different sized tires if I ever want to. As it is in the picture the chainstay length is 16.375" but if I chose to run a more normal tire I could shorten it to under 15.75". Even though this frame was specifically built to accommodate the huge tire I wanted it to be flexible enough use smaller tires and take advantage of the room available. With BMX tires on it this bike would be a normal BMX cruiser that you could actually race.
whole bike view Headtube welded seat guts Bus Bars
eight inch rotor and mechanical disk brake Uses a BMX style Sprocket Mono-Tube to Chainstay Mono-Stay Seatstays

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