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Thick Trail Bus

BMX Style Bars

Red wall tires against a red wall
The four piece bars that I made for this bike are only .065" wall so they could bend eventually. Hopefully the large, low pessure tires will absorb most of the shock when I case or land flat-bottom and the bars will last a while. Usually I make bars for myself in .083" wall so they last longer. I am not a weight saving fanatic in case you didn't notice. These bars are fairly narrow at 23" wide but I was still able to leave over 7" for grip/lever room. I like the ODI Longneck grips which are, surprise, slighty longer than some grips and I wanted to leave plenty of room for a brake lever so it worked out well. The stem is a old S&M Redneck which I like to hit my knee on because it has such a sharp edge on the top.
whole bike view Headtube welded seat guts Bus Bars
eight inch rotor and mechanical disk brake Uses a BMX style Sprocket Mono-Tube to Chainstay Mono-Stay Seatstays

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