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The Demolition BMX seat I used comes with pretty beefy 9mm rails so I decided to weld the post directly to them instead of removing them comletely like I usually do with the weaker 7 or 8mm rails. For examples of this other style see the Gutless Seatpost Menu. Here the post is actually welded to a small plate which is then welded to the rails. This seems to be working very well and it is much easier to fabricate which means less expensive for you ($30). The trick is to not melt the plastic seat which is something that requires some patience to let the thing cool down often while welding. Wet rags also help this process greatly. This is also a good view of the convenient MTB style quick release that I stole off one of my other bikes. When I want to ride to the store this allows be to raise the seat and when I'm jumping at the trails I can put it down for extra clearance. Also note that the seatpost size is 1.125" which is incredibly close to the MTB size of 28.6mm. This is larger and thus stronger than the normal 1" (25.4mm) BMX size so when I have it extended far I won't bend it.
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eight inch rotor and mechanical disk brake Uses a BMX style Sprocket Mono-Tube to Chainstay Mono-Stay Seatstays

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