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Thick Trail Bus

Headtube Closeup

Red wall tires against a red wall
I tried two new gusset designs just for fun. The top tube gusset resembles an geometric/abstracted insect with pincers while the downtube gusset is shaped more like a holly leaf. Go figure. The head tube has the customary reinforcing rings to prevent ovalization although they are not huge like the early versions on the Ratman etc. The lower ring is larger than the upper because there is more ovalization force at the bottom of the headtube. The classy zip tie holding the cable is there because I wanted the frame to have a very clean look when I ride it with no brakes. Its a trade off because I don't like the look of zip ties either.
whole bike view Headtube welded seat guts Bus Bars
eight inch rotor and mechanical disk brake Uses a BMX style Sprocket Mono-Tube to Chainstay Mono-Stay Seatstays

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