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Thick Rebars

Thick ReBars
These handlebars get their name from a reinforcing gusset that is a continuation of the crossbar. Rebars have lots of knee clearance and plenty of grip/lever room. Of course they are 100% 4130 chrome-moly.
Thick Six Inch Rise Rebars

Shown above is the six inch rise version for cruisers or shorter riders. Gloss black baby.
Rebar Specifications

Tube Thicknesses:
The tube that gets clamped is 0.120" wall
The tube that is the crossbar is 0.065" wall
The tube that the grip goes on is 0.083" wall
Available Rises: 5" to 8" high
Available Widths: 25" to 28" wide
Three Available Sweeps:
No Sweep - For flatland only
Lil' Sweep - For ramp and street
Some Sweep - For dirt jumping

Detail of crossbar/gusset
The crossbar/gusset is one of the things that makes this bar unique and really strong.

Lower bars may not be able to use the dropped and curving crossbar.

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