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Strip-Style Bars

Nine Inch Tall Bars These nine inch tall BMX/Freestyle bars were made in the style of the old Standard Bykes Strip Bars. The 7/8" handle tube is inserted into a 1" tube after the bend and those 1" handle tubes are .083" wall for extra strength. The clamp tube is .120" wall as usual and also oversized at 1.125" OD. Everything about these bars is big.

It would also be possible to (before bending) sleeve the straight tubes together past the area to be bent and then bend them both together. I believe Basic Bikes did this in their knock-off of the Strip Bars called, I think, Whammy Bars.
Nine inch bars in raw state with heat discoloration
Here are the same bars in their raw state including even the heat discoloration from welding. Usually if the bars are going out with a raw finish I will scotchbrite the surface so it is all one silver color and spray it down with WD40 so it doesn't rust immediately. These bars were on their way to the painter to be sand-blasted and painted so I didn't have to do that. You can see how tall these bars are (9") and I think they are pretty wide too. They were for a big guy and they went on a big bike.

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