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Thick Stemless Rebars

A PA flatlander named Jeff came to me with a drawing (at bottom) showing his design for a handle bar that clamps directly to the steerer tube and eliminates the need for a stem. The only design change I made was to use a curved cross bar with the same type of reinforcing gussets that are used in the Thick Rebars. I felt that this would make the bar stronger and stiffer. Like the Rebar design this custom one-off has plenty of knee clearance and grip/lever room.
Six and a half Inch rise
These bars are so good I gave them a halo - really well behaved.
Stemless Rebar Specifications

All 4130 seamless aircraft tubing
The tube that clamps onto steerer is 0.120" wall
The tube that is the crossbar is 0.065" wall
The rest of the tube pieces are 0.083" wall
The Bolts in the clamp are 5/16" and Grade-8
6.5" rise
26" wide
No Sweep
Stemless Bars need no stem
From this angle the steerer clamp is visible.
Note that these bars have no rearward sweep but do have some upwards sweep.
What Jeff sent via e-mail.
You don't have to be an artist to know what you want. This simple sketch started it all.

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