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Thick Normal Fork

Detail of the crown area I made three of these more traditional forks for people who wanted a Thick fork but did not want to pay the big bucks for the Unobtainable Fork. This fork has 1 1/4" blades. The crown is 0.065" and the lowers are 0.058".

I made the lower parts thinner in order to keep the weight down. Most forks bend at the steerer tube, anyway. The steerer tube on this fork is 0.120" thick to prevent that. Forks are available with 990 or cantilever brake studs. You can also have the 25/64" hole drilled for the big bolt ACS BOA brake. Or you can have no brake at all.
Thick Normal fork - rear view A Rider's Testimonial
From Ratman

"Well, let's see.... oh yeah, well, you see, i suck... it usually takes me about half dozen nose picks (not the intentional ones of course), before i get the distance figured out on a jump... today was a good example, as i'm sitting here tilted to one side in pain writing this, cause i body slammed the pavement after not making the landing on a jump box, and front wheel manualled off of the edge to nose-pick flat-bottom hell... ow... this will take a few days for my side to heal, but my Thick fork is unfazed, even when my 193lbs. of flailing squirrel forced an already crazy burly Thick frame into the fork... you know the fork had some intense stress on it..... fork 1, ratman 0."

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