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Thick LEBCO Rigid MTB

a fine machine
Of all the very sweet elements of this bike I think the seatstays are the most elegant. In fact I think the are some of the coolest designed stays that I have done to date. What makes them so special is the wishbone mono-box connection to the seat tube. The seat stays themselves are simply rectanglular shaoped tubing but the way they join up to the seat tube is fairly unique. I constructed the mono-box from five flat pieces of sheet chrome-moly. The top and bottom pieces remained flat but the three side pieces got bent into gracefull curving shapes. Then I welded all five together at the corners with a very small weld bead. The wishbone mono-box joint to the seatstay tube is diagonal for more weld area and extra strength.
Some of the components visible in this picture include the XT/Mavic 317 disk specific wheels and Salsa Flip off seat collar. The limited edition Odyssey Cielincki pedals came in a blue that doesn't quite match but the trade off is that they glow in the dark. There are two Thick stickers on the top tube that are mirrored. You can see the backwards one here.
whole bike view from the front seatstay mono-stay box thing fork dropouts and disk mount mtb front end
chainstay mono-stay pierced with tube full side view frame dropout and disk mount fork crown angle matches downtube

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