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Thick Four Piece Bars

Thick 4 Piece Bars
the weld bead Detail of the crossbar weld. These are basic 4-pc. handlebars with two bent tubes and two straight tubes. The clamp tube is extra thick to prevent crushing. The two bent handle (grip) tubes are pretty thick walled so they dont get bent more and the crossbar is relatively thin for lighter weight. Of course they are 100% 4130 seamless chrome-moly tubing and can be custom made in many sizes and shapes to fit your needs.
too artsy shot
Bar Type: Basic 4-Piece
Clamp tube: 7/8"OD x 0.120" wall (other sizes also available)
Grip tubes: 7/8"OD x 0.083" wall
Crossbar: 7/8"OD x 0.049" wall
Rise: 7"
Width: 23.5"
Rear Sweep: 8 degrees
Up Sweep: 3 degrees
Grip/Lever Room: 6.25"

If you are interesting in a Four Piece Bar, contact Chris Beech.

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