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Thick Four-Piece Downhill Bars

Thick four piece DH Bars
Nice set of low bars that are narrow in the middle with a gloss white powdercoat finish. Other colors are also available as are special order colors.
Thick DH Bars For Original SuperTrucker
These downhill bars were made to beefy freestyle specs with 0.083" handles and a wide 0.120" clamping tube. They are low rise and have a large ovalized cross bar. Made specifically for the original 62 pound BMW SuperTrucker DH behemoth bike.
Thick 4-Pc. DH Bars Narrow 1" OD clamp bar allows for maximum grip/lever room on the handle tubes. These bars are in their raw finish state, pre-powdercoat.
Thick Four Piece DH Bars with small diameter cross bar
The customer who ordered these requested a small diameter cross bar that was located as low as possible.

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