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Thick Unicrown Fork

Made for a 24" Cruiser Wheel

The first thick unicrown Detail of the dropouts. This is a very traditional style unicrown fork in the style of BMX simplicity. It could be made for any sized wheel. This one was made for a 24 inch wheel to go with the Big 24 inch frame along with the 9 inch rise bars. The entire fork is made from 4130 aircraft grade chrome-moly steel. The legs are 1 1/4" OD x .065" wall thickness with similar thickness 4130 sheet welded on for tube caps. The dropouts are cut and milled from 1/4" thick 4130 plate. A detail photo of the dropouts shows the minimalist design with the maximum weld area on both the tube and the structural tube cap . These droputs could stand up to peg abuse but probably never will have to because this is a cruiser.
cruiser fork - frontal view. This fork wins the all time "Most Normal" award for the entire history of Thick products. If you need a specially sized, super-stong fork contact Thick and we'll get you fixed up.

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