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Thick Britney Frame

Dropout Detail

Britney is the second most industrial frame ever made at Thick Bikes.
The Britney's dropouts are huge chunks of 4130 chrome-moly plate that have been both laser cut and hand finished. They are 3/8" thick with 14mm axle slots to stand up to the most severe peg use. Welded on push type chain tensioners are included on both sides. The pushing design means that there are no threaded bolt ends sticking out to destroy or poke into you. The curved caps on the seatstays is a nice aesthetic touch that reminds of Britney's true girly nature. Ha! This frame weighs in at just over 8 pounds so I don't think any little girl will want to ride it. This could potentially be a 40 pound bike once built up
Dropout Sideview BB Shell Headtube

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