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custom builds

Here are some pretty unique frame designs.


Some custom bars that have been made for all sizes and styles of riders.


Some of our beefy overbuilt eating utensils

In the past Christopher Beech did custom work, fabricating a variety of bike frames.

Thick Bikes has changed as a business and custom work is no longer available.

Feel free to peruse some of these past projects but please refrain from asking for anything to be made for you.


is the first euro bottom bracket BMX from thick. It has some cool unique features including a beer bottle shaped top tube gusset


is my primary ride and good all-around BMX/Freestyle frame. OB1 helps me to fully utilize "The Force" which is often sorely needed.


Ratman's new pretty pink frame is simultaneously burly and girlie.


Elevated chainstays, thicker tubing and thick dropouts make the Cack grind-proof for street.

Number 13

Ramp/street design. Check out the sleeved/pierced downtube gusset.

The Ratman

The original with 3/8" thick dropouts, gusset mania, built for severe industrial use.

My Pretty Pony

My old bike that I finally retired. I still have it lying around the shop, but never ride it.

Rog's Steak

Chrome plated with no standing platform.

Bri's Steak

Gloss black and ramp ready.

5 Thick Steaks

Deliciously welded to medium rare.

More Thick Steaks

Very early on I made 5.

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