Bike Sales and Repair

Bikes from Raleigh, Fuji, SE, Redline, Salsa, All City, Torker, and Surly which are mega good.

Want a fender? - We totally got those

You know when your foot slips off your pedal? Yeah we hate that too. Come get new ones.

Looking to make your daily commute easy? we got a wide selection of certified used bikes.

Shirts, shoes, and messenger bags that meet all your biking demands. Well the shirts just meet your fashion needs.

Thick Bikes Bike Shop

Here at THICK bikes we carry the best of the best in the biking world. This is because we were tired of repairing all the crappy bike stuff that is corrupting the streets. We not only carry endless merchandise on our shelves, but we can order any bag, bike, or part that you would want. Listed below is a list of all the companies we carry so feel free to browse their web-sites linked below.

Here at THICK bikes, we respect older bikes. Some people would look at an old bike with worn out gears and think to themselves "that bike ain't got no use down here in da' burgh". Thick bikes sees through the problems and finds the good parts to build roadable bikes. As in taking old road bikes and turning them into fixed gears that have minimal parts and are easy to repair. Our used bike stock flows in and out of our shop at a daily rate so stop in and see our current inventory or check the blog. We're bound to have a fixie that will fit you and your budget'n'at.

We carry and deal a wide variety of bikes from who we feel is the best available. If you wish to order a bike, check the company's website linked below and we can build them for you or come in and see our selection:

THICK 1408 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203 (412) 390-3590