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The Van

Flames and Lettering
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Before and After
Here you see the "before shot" of the van. The previous owner's adhesive lettering has been removed and she is a blank canvas. If you pass the cursor over the photo the new graffiti paintjob is revealed, and you can see why now she turns a few more heads as I drive by.

thick van on fire
Flames are cool. Heh heh. cool. Atomik did a nice yellow to red fade right up the front of the van. This is right after the hood and radiator masking was removed but before the pinstriped outline was done.

The passenger side
The passenger side has a few windows that are useful so we put a smaller piece here. The colors are the same as the other side but the letters are simpler and very thick looking.

The big side of the van
If you click on the above picture it will take you to a page containing a time-lapse photo-animation showing the process of creation. It is a large file so it may take a while but it is pretty cool and possibly worth the wait.

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