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The Custom Frame Order Form is a great way to communicate your design to Thick but if for some reason you would prefer the old way, read on...

Most Frames come with a headtube that fits 1 1/8" head sets. The only other size I would consider using is the newer 1.5 headset size. Usually frames come with the large "American" size bottom bracket shell so you can use the large bearings that were intended for your cranks but I have done a few "euro" (standard English thread) bottombracket shells too. Usually bmx/freestyle frame seat tubes fit a 1" (25.4mm) seat post but we can go larger. The next step up is 1 1/8" which is 28.6mm in metric sizing.

Drawings are the best means of communicating your unique frame design. If you don't have drawings. You may want to email me and describe your design. Here are some things you should consider:
    The Classic Numbers
  • Head Tube Angle
  • Seat Tube Angle
  • Top Tube Length
  • Minimum and Maximum Chain Stay Length
  • Bottom Bracket Height
  • Wheelbase
    Other Considerations
  • Outer Diameters of Tubes
  • Tube Thicknesses
  • Tube Shapes; round, square, rectangular
  • Rear End Construction
  • Dropouts; design and thickness
  • Gussets
  • Brakes; location, type and cable routing
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