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Thick Custom Handlebars

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These are all custom bars that have been made for individual riders. Get some for yourself in any height or shape you need. For Downhill/Freeride/Urban Assault there are two basic styles available, Wrap DH Bars or 4-Piece DH Bars. There are also the lighter duty Wrap DH No-Cross-Bars which are a de-evolution of the Wrap concept. If you are looking for BMX/Freestyle Bars check out the regular 4-Piece Bars, the Rebars, and the Six-Piece Strip-Style Bars. For ground riders I have made the Flatland Rebars, and the Stemless Handlebars both of which have no rearward sweep.
These handlebar designs are so overbuilt and burly that I have often adapted them to be used for motorcycles, ATV's and other motorized purposes. No matter what the application I can proably work with you to come up with a handlebar that is appropriate for you. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
No Sweep, Rebar Gusset

Flatland Rebars

have no sweep and no rise for ground riders.

Plain Jane 4 Pc

Four-Piece Bars

are basic and simple.

Wrapped Gusset

Wrap DH Bars

Super-strong six-piece low BMX design.

Unique Gusset

Rebar Handlebars

have a reinforcing crossbar for even more strength.

Stemless Handlebars

Stemless Handlebars

simplify life by removing the cause of all your worries, the stem

DH Bars

Four-Piece DH Bars

because downhillers break stuff too.

Like Strip Bars

Six-Piece Strip-Style Bars

except really tall. I can make them low too.

No Crossbar

Wrap DH No-Cross-Bars

Evolution of Wrap design theory

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