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The Gutless Seatpost

Immortalize your favorite seat
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A Super-Strong Gutless DH Adaption Gutless DH Plus

Clutter eliminator. What was a top tube clamping a seatpost, clamping the seat rails that stuck into the seat is now one welded piece and many times stronger.
A Gutless designed for ground riding Gutless for Flatland

A Gutless design especially tailored to ground riding. Extra room under the seat for grabbing without losing a fingernail. Clean, simple design is superstong and totally on the DL.
DH Version Gutless DH

Downhill bikes are notorious for tumbling end over end at high rates of speed. When this happens seats and seatposts suffer. Thick will take any conventional seat, long or short and transform it into a gutless stronghold.
TMX Version Gutless Fo' TMX

Really laid back to work with the seat angle of the BMW TMX DH bike.
Gutless Freestyle Seatpost Gutless FS

Traditional seat guts and seat rails are replaced with 4130 tube and plate making it impossible to destroy. This gutless is going on 5 years old and has seen at least as many seats come and go.

How to order a Gutless Post

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